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Sales-Expert-Secret #62

Most Sales Professionals

  • Work very hard at hitting their sales numbers

  • Spend time with some prospects that do not turn into business

  • Think that it is to be expected

  • Invest time in networking with less results than expected

  • Want to do better and can but may not know exactly what strategy to use

  • And have strong desire to be more successful

Do This Short Exercise-6 Easy Steps

Please take the time to go through the following exercise and you will have an amazing discovery that will change your expectations and be able to be even more successful in sales than you are now.

Follow these 6 Easy Steps in the same order as you see the question and answer every question or you will miss out on a great secret that will motivate you and make some new decisions about your sales success potential. So, let’s get started.

1-What is the geographic are you sell in? It can be a town, a county, a state, or the entire country or planet. Your Answer is?

2-How many competitors do you have in that geographic area? I could be one to thousands, you pick. Your answer is?

3-If you had to guess what are the total of your annualized sales plus all of your competitors? You are probably saying I don’t know and that is ok take a conservative guess? It could be thousands, millions or even billions. You must write down a conservative number. BUT, be conservative.

Your answer is?

4-Now just to play it safe cut the number in half.

Your answer is?

5-Now cut it in half again.

Your answer is?

6-What were your sales for the past twelve months?

Your answer is?

Now here is the eye opening questions. Is there a gap between the conservative number you cut in half twice and your sales for the past twelve months?

My answer. OF COURSE THERE IS. I would be surprised if there wasn’t.

The Big Question

Do you want to?

  • Close more sales

  • Take more business away from your competitors

  • Get in front of the right prospects

  • Make better use of your time

I will Show You How

  • All you need to do is register,

  • Put it in your calendar

  • Make sure nothing prevents you from arriving on time

  • Show up

  • Pay attention

  • Leave the seminar and put what you learned into practice

And, I will do the rest.

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