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Shakespeare- Tips How to Exceed Your Sales Quota Part One

In an Earlier Post

I referred to an article that appeared in Forbes magazine.

The article stated, “in 2018 57% of all sales teams did not hit their sales quotas.”

So Much Waste

Can you imagine the amount, time, money and internal resources that were wasted? And, how all that waste drove the cost of sales up and eroded profitability.

I wanted to know how to reverse this trend. I conducted enough research to determine, what salespeople needed to know to hit and exceed their sales quotas. And, reduce the cost of sales and increase profitability


As part of my research, I came across the passage from Shakespeare's Hamlet. Shakespeare wrote Hamlet at the age of 34. I was amazed at the wisdom in his writing and how 455 years ago he wrote what applies to salespeople, especially for hitting an exceeding sales quota.

The Curtain Opens

Polonius Advice to His Son

In Hamlet one of the characters, Polonius was the advisor to the King. Polonius also had a son Laertes who is leaving for France to find his way in the world. Polonius as a caring father gives his son some fatherly advice.

“Give every man thy ear and very few thy tongue”.

Polonius Advice to Sales People

That same advice can be given to salespeople in today’s selling environment. When salespeople spend their time talking about features and benefits, they are wasting their time. It is as crazy as having a doctor teach you all the features and benefits and all kinds of prescriptions ideas and, without doing a thorough examination.

More Sales Advice from Plotinus coming.


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Most Appreciated,

Make it a Great Day

Al Turrisi


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