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About Us

Al Turrisi Founder of “Turrisi & Associates” and Creator of “How to Be a Black Belt at Life & Career” chose the #42 INCREASE I Ching Hexagram as the foundation for his mission and vision as it aligns with the greater purpose of his work.  His leadership involves committing to the needs of his cohorts and clients, keeping the interests of others in mind. Al leads to serve and strengthen his ability to bring about a lasting increase in prosperity for himself and those he works with. 


An open-minded leader and expansive thinker, Al's mission contributes not only to the prosperity and success of the individual, but to the greater good of the whole. He understands that those who contribute most directly to the common good will achieve the greatest and most long-lasting rewards resulting in supreme good fortune for all.


Al takes action swiftly and boldly to embrace opportunities when increase arises. He assists his private clients and program participants in reaching their goals, dreams and achieve success while avoiding the trap of letting their actions be merely self-serving.


A man of integrity and a true “Black Belt at Life & Career” Al knows that to aspire to a position of prominence, the most enduring strategy is to work to raise the consciousness of your entire community, company or relationship, rather than to set out to swim upstream on your own.  For over 25 years Al has worked across industry lines with individuals and groups to support them in shifting perspective and being empowered to live a life of balance, focus, fulfillment and success. 


Al’s personal life experiences and professional expertise gave him the impetus to live a “Black Belt Life”, take the high road and see the opportunity and growth in every situation. He was inspired to share this approach through his “How to Be a Black Belt at Life & Career” programs & academy focusing on different areas of life and career.

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