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The Black Belt Killer Question- How to Qualify Your Prospect

Business is Defined By the Prospect

  • To get as much information from you as possible

  • To determine whether you have something that they need or want

  • To compare you against the incumbent and or your competition.

  • Get the most for the lowest price

Business is Defined by The Sales Professional

  • Qualifying or disqualifying the potential sales opportunity

  • Close the profitable sale with value and solutions

  • After the close up-sell and cross sell

  • Ask for a testimonial

  • Ask for a referral

You and your prospect

Are having a casual conversation an now it is time to get down to business.

Your Prospect May Lead With

So tell me about your company what do you do.


Sure I am happy to. Before we begin, I'm a little curious

You’re Killer Question

“Why would you be interested in a product/service like mine and why now?”

Now comes the long pause and you must wait for this prospect to talk.

Just sit back and listen to what they say.

P.S. The language works and has worked for me and my clients for many years.

Do not change the language or embellish it.

Make it a Great Day and Be Safe

Al Turrisi



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