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Chapter One The Four Main Prospect Categories

Chapter One

There are distinct categories of prospects. Each prospect category has similar behaviors during the sales process.

It can be difficult to be able to differentiate between them.

I will highlight the challenges salespeople face when dealing with prospects who initially show interest but then become unresponsive or delay their decisions.

The Four Main Prospect Categories

1-Prospects Who Need an Education

These prospects believe they need the product or solution you offer, but they are new to the issue. They require education, and after a promising presentation, they often ask for more information and then go silent.

These prospects are at a stage in their buying process where they will interview your competitors and compare your presentation against your competitor.

2-Prospects Comparing with Competitors

These prospects are already using a similar product or service from a competitor. They bring you in to gather information to assess whether they should stick with their current provider or switch to your offering. They may disappear once they have enough data.

3-Price-Sensitive Prospects

These prospects have evaluated your presentation and are interested in doing business with you, but they claim your price is too high.

4-Willing Prospects

In this category, prospects want to do business with you. They are ready to move forward, create a contractual agreement, and set a start date.


With even with average to good sales skills, you have a 25% chance of closing a deal under these conditions.

This Secret Powerful Strategy

In Chapter Two You Will Be Introduced to The Power of My Secret Strategy

And Significantly Improve Your Odds of Closing Deals.

Look for Chapter Two Coming out Tomorrow

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