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Chapter Two-This Secret Strategy

Chapter 2

This Secret Strategy for engaging with prospects is unique. Here is a breakdown of the key points in this chapter and how you can improve you sales closures.

Prospect's Buying System

Prospects have a two-step process within their buying system when making a purchase decision. The first step is to internally analyze their current condition, and if necessary, the second step is to interview salespeople and select the successful candidate who understands the prospects condition and its impact and will be able to deliver the perfect solution.

Categories of Prospects

I want to reiterate the four categories of prospects mentioned in Chapter 1 I suggested each of the four prospects go through the same buying system and process.

Gap Analysis

It is critical that I emphasize the importance of prospects assessing the gap between their expectations and their current reality.

If the gap is significant, it creates a condition that motivates the prospect to consider a change.

The greater the negative impact of this gap, the more likely they are to make a change.

Secret Strategy

In chapter two I will introduce the secret strategy, which involves departing from the typical sales process.

It may sound crazy, but stay with me.Instead of immediately jumping into sales discussions, the key is to delay it.

You begin the meeting by thanking the prospect for their time and asking how much time they have allocated for the meeting.

Then, you use this Powerful Secret Strategic Question:

This is what you will say."Before we begin, if you don't mind me asking, I am curious as to why you would be interested in speaking with someone like me in my industry and why now.

Key Elements of the Strategy

This strategy highlights the language used, which is designed to create an illusion a sense of curiosity on your part and delaying the sales process.

By using unusual language, it catches the prospect off guard, and they are less likely to raise objections and more likely to provide valuable insights about their motivations.


Here is an example of how I used this strategy while conducting a job interview for my client. The position we were filling was a vice president of sales.

The Question I Asked the Candidate Was

“Before we begin the interview, Why are you in the job market and why now.”

This question stimulated a discussion which yielded information that led to the determination that the candidate was not suitable.

A Unique and Unexpected Approach

This secret strategy involves using a unique and unexpected approach to engage with your prospects.

Your Focus

Your focus is to gather valuable information about your prospects motivations and needs before moving into the sales process.

This approach will help you better understand your prospects mindset and potentially improve your chances of closing the de

Your Prospect's Prospective

To your prospect it appears the two of you have not begun the sales process. In reality you have, they just do not recognize what you are doing because it is unfamiliar to them.

I trust you will use this strategy. If conducted correctly you will be amazed how much information you will accumulate. You may have sort through some unnecessary information. It is well worth it.

More to Come

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