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I Was in Shock

I Am Back

It has been some time since I have posted, and for that I apologies.

The good news is I haven’t just been sitting around.

I am excited to have finalized my new book “ How to Be a Black Belt at Strategic Networking”.

I personally developed and tested every strategy and they all work.

I will be sharing more in the coming weeks. But for now....

I Was Shocked

Early this year a business magazine published an article stating in 2018,

57 % percent of sales teams did not hit their quotas for the year of 2018.

Tremendous Loss

It is staggering to even comprehend how much time, company resources and money was wasted on.....

  • Prospect calls

  • Prospect meetings

  • Making presentations

  • Sending out proposals

  • Following up on proposals

  • Utilization of internal support

  • Trade shows

I Took on The Opportunity

I spoke with several salespeople and asked the question, “Did you hit your quota in 2018 and if not why “? (P.S. Just to set the record straight the salespeople I spoke with were not trained by me.)

Some of The Responses

  • We have a long sales cycle.

  • Projects were put on hold.

  • The company’s priorities changed.

  • It takes a long time for them to decide.

  • They decided to stay with the incumbent.

  • Our website is not up to date.

  • Our brochures are not doing the job.

  • Our competition is cutting price.

  • Some companies give gifts I can’t match.

  • I’m too busy doing paperwork and report

  • My boss says I must quote on everything.

  • I spend too much time following up.

  • I can’t get past the gatekeeper.

  • I can’t get to the decision maker.

  • No one returns my calls after I leave a message.

  • Prospects are just jerks.

  • I have a bad territory.

  • Our prices are too high.

It’s My Opinion

There isn’t any reason a salesperson should not hit or exceed their quota. You will discover more about that later.

The Outcome

I developed new state of the art sales strategies and revised some others that were good and now are great.

Case # 1 A newly hired salesperson was given 270 prospects to cold call which lead to no appointments and no sales. I gave this salesperson one of my hot strategies.

This salesperson was able to get in front of and have conversations with people who needed

Case # 2 Based on another strategy a sales person was able to connect with the president of a company and book an appointment. At the first meeting he closed a piece of business.

Case # 3 Using this strategy a person was able to get to the decision makers and not have to go through the gatekeeper.

Your Potential Future

I hope you are sitting down. You have the potential to double and triple your sales.

No kidding. We will address this in a few weeks.

In the Coming Weeks

I will be taking you behind the curtain and sharing how you can increase your sales, shortening how long it takes to close a sale, increase your market share and fill your sale pipeline with qualified leads Be on The Lookout.

Share the Wealth

Please like and share this post with people in sales you care about. They also can increase their sales, even if they exceeded their sales quotas.

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