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Six Secrets to Having a Successful Prospect Call

To support your ability to grow your business, increasing your market share, sales volume and profitability you must have a business strategy for a prospect call. The following six steps are used for the first prospect call and are intended to control the sales process and increase your prospecting effectiveness.

1- You should have been invited by the prospect to their office or facility based on a conversation you had and discovered the prospect’s Compelling Reason. The Compelling Reason is typically the issue the prospect perceives as preventing them from having business success.

2- At the start of the meeting you have positioned yourself as a guest.

3- You know how much time has been allocated by the prospect for the meeting.

4- You have discovered the prospects agenda.

5- The prospect has agreed to be open with you and is willing to have a conversation about their issues.

6- The prospect has agreed to do business with you based on your ability to demonstrate your understanding of their issues and can present a solution that is affordable to your prospect and allows you to maintain your margins.

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