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Thank you for providing additional information about Al Turrisi. Based on the details you've shared, here's a summary of Al Turrisi's background and philosophy:

Al Turrisi is the President of & Associates and the Founder of the Black Belt at Sales & Strategic Networking Academy.

His leadership style is characterized by dedication to serving the needs of his clients and cohorts, emphasizing open-mindedness and a focus on success.

Al believes that those who actively contribute to the well-being of their community or organization will ultimately reap the greatest rewards.

He is known for taking swift and bold action when opportunities arise, assisting his clients and program participants in achieving both their career and lifestyle goals.

Integrity is a core value for Al Turrisi, and he advocates for raising the consciousness of individuals and groups, drawing from his own experiences and professional expertise.

He follows a "Black Belt Life" philosophy, seeking growth and opportunities in every situation.

Al Turrisi has been sharing his approach through the "How to Be a Black Belt at Life & Career" programs and academy for over 25 years. During this time, he has worked with individuals and groups from various industries to help them shift their perspectives and live balanced, focused, fulfilling, and successful lives.

This information provides a comprehensive overview of Al Turrisi's leadership style, values, and the impact he has had through his programs and academy over the years.


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