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"Al is a highly effective sales trainer and motivator. I am pleased to have studied with him and have found his methodologies worked well for me in my sales career."

Sharlene Vichness

"Al's a real pro who helps expose ideas and ways to approach matters that you could never find yourself. his years of experience both here and abroad have molded his teachings. Thanks Al!"

Bruce Klarberg

BE Green Facility, LLC

“Al Turrisi is a phenomenal executive coach, writer, and thought leader.
Al has a high level of integrity and brings value and wisdom to his clients.
I highly recommend Al as a consultant and coach.”
Jim Robins, President, TTI Performance Systems

"His sales training has helped me to become successful"

John Slootmaker

Bon Venture Services LLC

"Al has a depth of knowledge in his field and a wealth of experience to support his success. Al takes his time to fully assess and understand the situation at hand and then approaches solutions in a refreshing, clear, and energetic fashion. I recommend him without a moment's hesitation."

Eric Degen

TITAN Business Development Group, LLC

Al is a professional who knows his business and has a lot to offer."

Robert M Bura

Robert Bura Public Adjuter

"Al is the complete sales guru who will work with your company to improve your sales process and sales department. If you have one result it is in getting more appointments and closing more deals"

Roy Strauss

Supply Chain Roy"

Since starting to work with you, I have become more organized, focused, effective and efficient. You have shown me the difference between activity and fruitful action. Everything I do now is for a reason and I constantly ask myself
“What is the most productive use of my time right now?”
            Dr. Juan C. Grana, President Work-Safe Enterprises

“Al delivered a seminar for independent office products dealers titled,
"How to Upgrade Your Sales Force in Less than 30 Days."
Al was a pleasure to work with and his program received such comments as,
"Great insight, well prepared and delivered," and "Committed to his beliefs.
Made me believe I can do it."

Sandra Williams

“What I admire most about Al, is that he is one of the most ethical people I know,
is a great listener/excellent communicator and has the ability to cut through the
unnecessary "stuff" of a situation with "laser-like" precision to get to the heart of the concern or event.”
Mike Moffa, Vice President Joshen Paper

You've been a friend and a confidant for many years and have
helped me grow my business immensely. If I was to point out
one major talent that has helped me, it's your ability to
understand what I'm trying to work through (and it can be either
a sales situation or something personal), listen, let me describe
the situation and then help me work through a way to improve and
solve it.
President, Brian Irving, Brybeck Associates

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