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Ready to Hit Your Quota

Hitting Your Quota

Today I am sharing a little about your ability to hit your quota,increase your market share, shorten your sale's cycle ,stop wasting time on the wrong prospects and work on doubling or tripling your sales.

Looking Back

When you look back over the last twelve months and review your sales success, Did you hit or exceed your quota?

Short Fall

Or, have you fallen short of hitting your quota, and closing all the sales you wanted to close.

Your Future

Here is what you can count on, your future is coming and is inescapable. The real question is who is going to create your new future and Hitting your quota?


There are four options available for you.

  • The first option is to just take sales as they come.

  • The second option is for someone else to tell you what your quota will be.

  • The third option is to try to hit your quota and hope you have all the tools you need.

  • The fourth option is to recognize you have the ability within you to hit or surpass your quota.

  • The fifth option is to take total responsibility for your success and look for the tools you need to surpass your quota.

When it all boils down to options, there is only one, and that is option five.

Here is What’s Coming

Tomorrow I will share with you a tool I developed. This tool will show you how

to begin to develop a scientific process to achieve success in sales.

With just this little addition to your formula you will increase your ability to do a better job of qualifying real prospect sales opportunities.

Be on The Lookout Tomorrow


P.S. If you did not get the opportunity to read yesterday’s post,


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