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The 3 Most Outrageous Mistakes Sales People Make That Cause a Log Jam in The Sales Pipeline

Mistake # 1-The sales person believes everyone is a prospect.

Not everyone is a prospect. Everyone is a suspect when you suspect your product or service offering can be used by an individual or company. When these suspects meet the criteria of your cold, warm and hot prospects they convert from being a suspect to a cold, warm or hot prospects.

Mistake # 2-The sales person does not have a detailed description of their ideal prospect opportunity.

It is so important to have a detailed description of your ideal prospect opportunity. The description should include all the issues your suspect faces and how those issues impact your suspect negatively. By doing so you are able to provide solutions rather than presentations.

Mistake # 3-The sales person does not ask enough questions to qualify or disqualify an opportunity.

Not asking enough of the right questions is what fills the sales pipeline with unqualified or semi-qualified leads. When the sales person doesn’t ask enough of the right questions the sales person wastes valuable time following up on nothing they think is something.

Eventually the pipeline is cultured with so many unqualified opportunities. The more the sales person follows up and gets nowhere feelings of rejection, disappointment and sometimes despair set in.

AND, it doesn’t have to be that way.

Want to Break Out of the Sales Pipeline Log Jam?

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