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Your Black Belt at Sales Success Guide for 2018

  1. Have strong person goals that you are passionate about

  2. Have a a model of your ideal prospect opportunity

  3. Have questions that will gather data to be measured against your model

  4. Break your qualifying criteria into three stages

  5. Label each stage cold warm and hot.

  6. The less data you gather is cold, more data is warm and more data is hot

  7. Determine how much money you need to make in 2018

  8. Calculate the amount of money you must make to cover living and goal expenses

  9. Assign a quota for each of the twelve months of 2018

  10. Determine how many sales you must make to hit your quota

  11. Track all your behavior and results

  12. Calculate how many times you need to reach out to prospects to make a sale

  13. Set up a plan for daily behavior

  14. Go to work every day

  15. Don’t waste your time on unproductive activities

  16. Grow from all your experiences….. there are no problems just opportunities

  17. Make a commitment to GO TO WORK

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