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What You Need to Know About The Gatekeeper

Getting Past the Gate Keeper

Based on a survey I conducted, a number of years ago, I learned the average receptionist in an average company receives between one hundred to two hundred calls in a day.

The Unsung Hero

I learned from asking many receptionists that almost no one person ever took the time to find out their name or exchange any type of pleasantry.

The receptionist has a difficult job of directing calls, putting people on hold, getting back to them, taking messages and not to mention greeting people as they arrive for appointments and accepting deliveries.

How to Stand Out From the Crowd

When I make a cold call I always make it a point to ask the receptionist their name. Most of the time I will get their name which I then log in my Act data base for the next time I call.

Occasionally, when I ask, “Who I am speaking with?”, I will hear, “This is the receptionist”, to which I reply, “I know I was just trying to be polite and address you by your name.

I don’t imagine that many people take the time to ask you."

A True Story

The first time I called a prospect I learned that the receptionist name was Mary. When I called the fifteenth time and was still getting “He is in a meeting”, “Out of town”, “Not in today”, or “Left for the day”, I asked Mary a very tough question.

“Mary, whenever I call Mike he is never available. If he is telling you to tell me he is out of town, etc. because he just doesn’t want to talk with me, please tell me.”

How Mary Became My Ally

Mary said the following, “Every time you call you are always so nice to me. Mike is really always on the run and hard to reach. Sometimes I don’t see him for days. I will give you his cell phone number, I know he is in his car. I am not supposed to do this but you have been so nice.“

The Thing to Remember

You can create a relationship with the receptionist and she/he does not have to be your adversary.

Try This Cold Calling Strategy

Hello, Please put me through to, excuse me, who am I speaking with? This is Mary. Oh high Mary this is Al. Please put me through to Bob. I am sorry he is not in. That fine, just put me into his voice mail thanks Mary, make it a great day.

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