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Top Sales Performers Sales Secret #45 A High Sense of Urgency

Top Sales Performers Have

Top Sales Performers have a High Sense of Urgency and want to achieve high quality and how to increase their results in the shortest period of time.

What They Do

Top Sales Performers set sales performance and market share goals for each month. They challenge themselves to hit their sales quotas and have high conversion rates.

What They Know

By being in front of more savvy buyers they know they will achieve their success. But there is more. The real Secret of their success is by working on High Return on Investment Events and don’t engage in time management.

Their Goal

They want to reduce their prospecting time and get in front of decision makers they know will buy from them.

How do They Know

These people have purchased from them before

The Strategy- Cross Selling

A Top Performing sales person always has the choice of who they will call on. They know as good as they are there is always the chance of attrition. To avoid losing accounts to the competition they will integrate their products into total solution. When they look at their client base they determine what products they can cross sell to their existing customer base.

What They Accomplish

Reduce the amount of time getting in front of decision makers

They increase the potential of a sale

They bring more value to their customer base

The relationship with the customer gets stronger increases with each cross sale which makes it more difficult for the client to be taken away by the competition.

Reduced drive time

Reduced wasting time with the wrong prospects.

Example: A numbers ago I worked with a seventeen branch bank and created a team relationship between the bank tellers, platform personal and the branch manager to focus on cross selling of additional products and services. The energy was focused on the existing client base and the percentage of products per customer went up. The project was a success.

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