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Top Sales Performer Secret 16

If You Are Working Off a Referrel

If you are working off a referral your first prospect is the person referring you. You want to ask them enough of the correct questions to determine if what they are bringing you is a real business opportunity NOW. Or something else.

The Key to Knowing if it is Real Opportunity

It is important to know if you just being given a name to call because the referrer sees a commonality between you and the person they are referring you to.

The key to knowing if it is real opportunity now is when the person referring you is able to……

  • Share a compelling reason the prospect has to justify your time (the issue that needs to be fixed).

  • Refer you to be the ultimate decision maker.

  • Confirm the person you are referred is expecting a call from you and is willing to meet with you.

  • Confirm the person you are being referred has communicated the problem to the referrer and is committed to fixing it.

What If There is No Compelling Reason

If there is not a compelling reason the prospect has to meet with you, you could be wasting your time. Best, you are being introduced to a person that has the potential to be a

  • Center of influence

  • Strategic partner

  • Referral source

  • Friend

  • Combination of the above

  • Nothing

I Care About Your Success

I Care About Your Success and Have a No Brainer for You…..”How to Generate More Leads and Close More Business”.

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