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Sales Tip - 8 Ways to Make the Last Sales Quarter Count

The kids are back to school and summer is over and heads turn back to business.

What we don’t want is business as usual. We are in the final countdown and in the last quarter to close sales.

The big question is, “Will you hit or exceed your sales quota for the year by December 31 and is the health of your sales pipeline sufficient to hit your quota”.

Here are Some Sales Tips to Help you Increase your Market Penetration, Market share, Sales and Profits.

1-Take a look at your quota for the year and ask yourself if it is a realistic quota or was it too high. If you are not making your quota don’t assume your quota was too high.

2-What is the quantity of new prospects in the sales pipeline and is there enough to support new sales growth?

3-What is the quality of the new prospects in the sales pipeline, and how closely do they match your ideal prospect opportunity?

4-What stages of my defined formal sales process are your prospects in? If the greater amount of prospects are in the early stages of the sales process and you have a long sales cycle, those prospects may not close until 2013 which will affect hitting your sales quota for 2012.

5-Is there sufficient data in the sales notes to validate a prospect as being a cold, warm, or hot prospect?

6-When you review your sales notes do they reflect what the sales person said or did? The notes should reflect information the sales person gathered from the prospect. The more information the sales person gathered to qualify or disqualify the prospect the healthier the sales pipeline.

7-How long have my prospects been in the sales pipeline, and have any of them exceeded the typical sales cycle length? For example if you have a thirty day sales cycle, and you have a prospect that has been labeled a hot prospect, and has been in the sales pipeline for four months, chances are it is not hot, and you are buying into stalls and put-offs.

8- Have you been prospecting for the correct type of business or are you spending too much time following up on prospects that were not qualified properly?

To learn why you may not be winning you share of business you may want to read " How to Quote Less and Close More Business" By Clicking on this Link:

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