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Sales Tip- 3 Secret Keys to Growing Your Business

Not too long ago I was with a sales person that had one hundred companies as targets for his business. He wanted to increase his sales volume and profits. He was under pressure from his boss to increase sales.

While he had the names and addresses of the companies he did not have a contact name. I suggested he go to the prospect’s web site and search for top executives at the company and start calling.

Executives in companies are typically found under the title ABOUT US. A week later I visited him again and he had researched fifteen of the companies and had not called one of them.

When I asked why he had not made any calls as a way of increasing his market share,sales volume and profits,I was told he wasn’t finished with his research.

At that rate it would take him almost two months before he would make any calls. In the mean time his competition would be prospecting, increasing their sales volume and market share.

A week later I was told he had not had time to make any calls yet because of other priorities. Needless to say the relationship ended. I can’t work with people who won’t do their part.

So having said that here are The 3 Secret Keys to Growing Your Business.

Secret Key #1- Stop the research. You only need one phone number and name to start making calls.

Secret Key # 2- Do something… Make a call.

Secret Key # 3- Did I mention do something… Make a call.

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