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How to Increase Sales After You Have the Decision Maker on the Phone

The sales process can be broken into a number of stages. The one we will address today is the initial phone call.

I compare the initial phone call as similar to drilling for oil. When the drilling begins there isn’t much that happens, the drill bit cuts through the soil, the rock and sediment. During the process there are indicators oil is close by. As the drilling continues the gusher comes in.

The purpose of the initial phone call is similar to the beginning of the drilling for oil process. As you are drilling or asking questions you hopefully begin to recognize there is a real compelling reason to continue the conversation (possible oil). This is the time to stop drilling and make an appointment. When you are at the prospects location you can continue the drilling process.

If you were to examine a medical process, while the qualification process is reversed there are similarities to drilling for oil and the sales process.

When you make the first call to the doctor’s office they want to get a sense of what is wrong. Based on what they hear an appointment is booked. When you arrive and are in the examining room more questions are asked. The doctor then comes in and asks more questions. When the doctor is convinced there is a compelling reason to do something a prescription is written.

Check List For The first Call is to

Speak with the decision maker (Beginning of the Drilling Process)

Determine if there is a compelling reason or issue you can fix. (There are strong indicators that oil is close by)

Make an appointment with the decision maker to continue a compelling reason dialogue. ( Continue to drill for oil until the gusher comes in).

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