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How a Simple 6 Step Process Lead to a $50,000 Annual Contract

This week I was speaking with a new client that just recently went into business for himself. His biggest concern did not know what business he was really in, even with products to sell. This client has a great deal of industrial experience and knowledge. He went into a business servicing customers who knew him and will be providing them with a new product line. When selling these products he did not want to be looked at as a “me too” business selling a commodity. He wanted to increase his sales pipeline, market share, market penetration, sales and profits.

My new client wanted to become a value added provider but wasn’t sure how to go about it. I helped him put a 6 Step Process together that turned into an annual $50,000.00 sale. Here are the steps he used to start making money.

Step 1- He went on LinkedIn and looked for all the people he had relationships with from years back.

Step 2- He found out where they were and what they were doing.

Step 3- He set up breakfasts, lunches, and after work cocktails, or dinners with the people he knew from his old world.

Step 4- He, at these meetings had discussions that helped him discover what was happening in their careers.

Step 5- He learned what his connections found most frustrating in their business life.

Step 6- He developed solutions for the problems he was able to solve.

Step7- From this effort it all came back to him, with a $50,000.00 contract, which will renew each year.

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