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Dis-spell These 3 Myths and Apply The 6 Rules of Networking

To Be More Successful at Networking You Must Re-think These Three Myths.

Myth 1

Networking events are a great place to sell- Some people do feel that way. It is really a place to build relationships. People buy from people they know, trust and can help solve their problems. The more people connect on many levels the greater the chances of finding a prospect, a referral source, a referral partner, a strategic relationship, Centers of Influence and Personal Introductions to people who need your products or services.

Myth 2

Networking Events Are All the Same- There is some truth to that. While the event is important and the people in attendance are important it is the responsibility of the individual to select the right event and know how to work the event and what to do after the event.

Myth 3

Networking Takes Too Much Time-It takes patience to be involved in networking. Think about how many people you can get in front of in a fixed block of time that are all in one place. Now compare that to how long it would take you to get in front of the same number of people using other methods.

What Works

In closing. I have a networking strategy that is flawless. I guarantee anyone who uses my process will leave a networking event with a minimum of three appointments with qualified individuals. Also, using this process you can move in a new town and in less than a week have a business network.

Sales Secret # 197- 6 Rules of Networking

To be successful at a Networking Event Follow These 6 Rules

  1. Don’t go there to sell

  2. Don’t Be Interesting

  3. Be Interested

  4. Don’t just hear…Make it a point to listen

  5. Remember it is your first date, don’t expect to get married

  6. Follow rules 1 through 6 all the time

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