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7 Questions to Ask About Your 2015 Sales Tool Box

When you look back at 2015, ask yourself the following questions

  1. Do I still have deals that haven’t closed that are beyond my typical sales cycle length?

  2. Did the prospect have to have the proposal right away and now I am still waiting for a decision?

  3. Have I left meetings, followed up, and did not get return calls from the prospect?

  4. Is it possible I have been wasting time with the wrong leads?

  5. Did a referral source give me a lead that wasn’t anything but a new contact?

  6. Did I put time into a referral only to find out it won’t materialize for two to three years?

  7. Do you want to increase your close ratio, shorten your sales cycle and make more money?

Your 2016 Sales Tool Box

I am going to give you Tools to add to your Sales Tool Box to address these issues and many more when you register for “How to Generate More Leads and Close More Business”, invest $27.00 dollars and three hours of your time. You will also receive a lot of FREE Bonuses. And a money back guarantee if you feel your time was wasted.

Secret # 79 How Top Performers avoid sending out or leaving prospects with proposals.

Top Performing Sales People know under any conditions do they e-mail or mail a proposal to a prospect. They know once the prospect gets the information without the presence of the salesperson, the prospect is in control of the sales process and the sales person is at the mercy of the prospect.


When the sales person has qualified the prospect and a proposal is in order the sale person always makes an appointment with the prospect before leaving that meeting to come back and go over the proposed solutions.


When sales person receives a call from the prospect and is asked to just e-mail the proposal. The sales person lets the prospect know the proposal is not in its final format and there are usually some revisions or adjustments that need to be made which is done at the Proposal Finalization Meeting.


The sales person lets the prospect know their proposal is in a draft format in sales person’s lap top which we needs to be reviewed together. Once the proposal is finalized the sales person always has a portable USB drive. The finalized proposal can down loaded and printed out at the prospects office for signing.

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