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12 Steps to Your Business Development Sales Success

There is something very unique about you that can make you stand out from your competition. It is something that will draw opportunity to you. It will help you increase your sales volume, profits, market share, and it will help you overcome all sales obstacles.

You will be able to hit your quotas consistently, get business that is not only based on price and be able to accomplish your dreams.

  1. Have high dollar tolerance goals for yourself and your company.

  2. Raise the bar for yourself and hold yourself accountable to a higher standard.

  3. Hold everyone in your company accountable to a higher standard.

  4. Define the geographic area you will market and sell into.

  5. Build a model of your ideal prospect opportunity.

  6. Become a problem solving, focused organization, for your customers and prospects.

  7. Prospect consistently and track all your behavior and the results.

  8. When in front of the prospect be there to qualify or disqualify the opportunity.

  9. Do not engage in business that is not profitable.

  10. Identify your best competitor and vow to outpace them.

  11. Do pre-call planning?

  12. Debrief effectively.

From the list above pick three items you will commit to doing today that you believe will increase your sales volume, profits and market share.

Make a commitment today.

Do it today so you can begin to make tomorrow a more successful day.

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