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Are You Guilty of This? It Can Kill Your Sale

Sales people have a tendency to feel it is important to tell their prospects about themselves and their company.

In an attempt to build confidence in the prospect

The sales person will build a flowery preamble and believe it demonstrates how smart they are and how wonderful their company is.

This misconception on the part of the sales person is part of the reason sales people lose the sale.

You probably know your product or service inside out have and have a lot you can share.

If you are like most sales people you work hard to get those first meetings.

You may even feel to make the best use of your time with your prospect you have to give them a lot of information because it may be your only opportunity.

But if you want to get their attention focus on what is important to them and get to the point right away.

Having presented to top executives in many fields I have learned they have tight schedules and are not looking for presentations. What they want are solutions.

If you are to deliver a solution have to understand their issue first. To get to their issues quickly I ask

“What the biggest challenge you face in growing the company’s sales, market share, increasing profitability while outpacing the competition”.

What I hear most of the time is the following;

“There is not enough new business in the sales pipeline”.

“What is there is taking too long to close”.

And, “What is closing is not enough to support the growth the company is looking for”.

There are three questions you want to get answered at the beginning of your prospect visit for you to stay on point and quickly get to what is important to them.

  1. How much time has your prospect set aside for your meeting?

  2. If the meeting was over and you were leaving, what would the prospect want to have accomplished?

  3. Find out what frustrates them about the incumbent competitor

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