Your Black Belt at Sales Success Guide for 2018

Have strong person goals that you are passionate about Have a a model of your ideal prospect opportunity Have questions that will gather data to be measured against your model Break your qualifying criteria into three stages Label each stage cold warm and hot. The less data you gather is cold, more data is warm and more data is hot Determine how much money you need to make in 2018 Calculate the amount of money you must make to cover living and goal expenses Assign a quota for each of the twelve months of 2018 Determine how many sales you must make to hit your quota Track all your behavior and results Calculate how many times you need to reach out to prospects to make a sale Set up a plan for

She Went From No Sales Experience to a Black Belt at Sales

She Didn’t Have a Sales Background Casey called and left a message.” Al call me it’s very important”. Casey was hired to cold call and close business. She was given 300 leads to call. After sixty days of multiple calls and messages, no appointment and no return calls from the messages she left. My client asked me to work with her. We developed a script. And now she was calling me back. Her Return Call “Al, you are not going to believe what happened. No you will believe what is happening. I used the script we designed and I am getting return calls. In fact, I have been tracking the amount of messages I left and return calls. I am getting about a forty percent return calls. Also the other stra

in 2018

57% of sales teams missed

Their Sales Quotas


It should have never happened


I can Prove it




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