The Secret to Closing More Sales in One Easy Step

Did you know that 48% of all sales people never follow up with a prospect and only 25% of all sales people make a second attempt to reach a prospect? This includes your competitors. Imagine your ability to increase your sales, market share and close ratio if this was corrected. Here is a statistic that is shocking, 12% of sales people make only three stops or contacts. By making an adjustment and holding your sales people accountable and tracking behavior you should increase the bottom line. When it comes to close ratios 2% of sales are made on the first call, 3% of closed business happens on the second call, 5% of all sales are made on the third call, and 10% of sales are made on the fourth

Sales Tip - How to Shorten the Sales Cycle

At a business meeting I had the pleasure to meet a number of business owners and salespeople. When I left the meeting I had spoken to five people I had not known and learned about their businesses and what an ideal prospect opportunity was for each of them. A day after the meeting which was on a Monday, I realized I could use the services of one of the salespeople I had met. I called the sales person on Tuesday morning and left the following message. Al: “Hello John Doe we met at the Monday, business meeting I enjoyed getting to know you and learning about your business. As it turns out I need your service for this Friday please call me at 908-472-3848.” I did not get a return call on Tuesd

How to Know if You Have the Best Sales Process

Meeting with a prospect I learned they had lost about $2,000,000.00 in potential business to their competitors. I also learned additional $1,300,000.00 in orders was no longer coming in from previous customers. When I reviewed the notes the salespeople had placed in the companies CRM program, I kept seeing: Things are slow, said they don’t need anything. Have plenty of stock, try me next month. Pete not in, I left my card. Whenever I see the same notes repeat themselves over and over again, I always question the sales process first and then the salesperson. As I read the notes for one account, they reflected the same message over and over again. I asked my prospect if we could visit the cus

How to Maximize Your Sales Force's Performance

After using our FREE Sales Force Grader the business owner gained crucial insights on how to maximize the sales performance in his sales force and how to increase sales,profits and market share. You can have Free Access to our Sales Force Grader for the next twenty six hours after which it will be turned off. Answer just 22 questions (it will take less than 5 minutes) and we will provide you with an instant score on the relative effectiveness of your sales force. Along with your score, you'll see how your sales force compares with others, receive an explanation of what your score means, and we'll recommend what you can do to improve your score. Ready? To Access the Sales Force Grader and get

Sales Tips: 7 Secrets to a Strong Sales Meeting

Over the years I have had the opportunity to sit in and observe clients sales meetings. Some of the meetings went very well while others turned into heated arguments. As I observed both types of meetings there was a key distinction between them. In the argumentative meetings there was a tendency on the part of the participants to… Take things personally rather than see the message and the sender of the message being separate. The use of “you said” was common as opposed to using “what I heard”. People did not wait for the speaker to complete their thought and were interrupting instead of listening for the speaker to complete their thought. Participants were checking messages on their phone du

Sales Tip - 8 Ways to Make the Last Sales Quarter Count

The kids are back to school and summer is over and heads turn back to business. What we don’t want is business as usual. We are in the final countdown and in the last quarter to close sales. The big question is, “Will you hit or exceed your sales quota for the year by December 31 and is the health of your sales pipeline sufficient to hit your quota”. Here are Some Sales Tips to Help you Increase your Market Penetration, Market share, Sales and Profits. 1-Take a look at your quota for the year and ask yourself if it is a realistic quota or was it too high. If you are not making your quota don’t assume your quota was too high. 2-What is the quantity of new prospects in the sales pipeline and

How a Simple 6 Step Process Lead to a $50,000 Annual Contract

This week I was speaking with a new client that just recently went into business for himself. His biggest concern did not know what business he was really in, even with products to sell. This client has a great deal of industrial experience and knowledge. He went into a business servicing customers who knew him and will be providing them with a new product line. When selling these products he did not want to be looked at as a “me too” business selling a commodity. He wanted to increase his sales pipeline, market share, market penetration, sales and profits. My new client wanted to become a value added provider but wasn’t sure how to go about it. I helped him put a 6 Step Process together

Six Secrets to Having a Successful Prospect Call

To support your ability to grow your business, increasing your market share, sales volume and profitability you must have a business strategy for a prospect call. The following six steps are used for the first prospect call and are intended to control the sales process and increase your prospecting effectiveness. 1- You should have been invited by the prospect to their office or facility based on a conversation you had and discovered the prospect’s Compelling Reason. The Compelling Reason is typically the issue the prospect perceives as preventing them from having business success. 2- At the start of the meeting you have positioned yourself as a guest. 3- You know how much tim

Sales Tip- 3 Secret Keys to Growing Your Business

Not too long ago I was with a sales person that had one hundred companies as targets for his business. He wanted to increase his sales volume and profits. He was under pressure from his boss to increase sales. While he had the names and addresses of the companies he did not have a contact name. I suggested he go to the prospect’s web site and search for top executives at the company and start calling. Executives in companies are typically found under the title ABOUT US. A week later I visited him again and he had researched fifteen of the companies and had not called one of them. When I asked why he had not made any calls as a way of increasing his market share,sales volume and profits,I was

How to Increase Sales After You Have the Decision Maker on the Phone

The sales process can be broken into a number of stages. The one we will address today is the initial phone call. I compare the initial phone call as similar to drilling for oil. When the drilling begins there isn’t much that happens, the drill bit cuts through the soil, the rock and sediment. During the process there are indicators oil is close by. As the drilling continues the gusher comes in. The purpose of the initial phone call is similar to the beginning of the drilling for oil process. As you are drilling or asking questions you hopefully begin to recognize there is a real compelling reason to continue the conversation (possible oil). This is the time to stop drilling and make an appo

The Sales Hunter Skill

The ability to prospect is first and foremost the most important sales skill for gaining market share and sales volume. Without the hunting skill nothing else will happen. 1-The Strong Hunter will prospect and prospect consistently making the same number of attempts to get in front of the decision maker per day, per week and per month. When the hunter makes the same number of attempts per day, over time they can then calculate how many attempts they need to get to the decision maker, to get the sale, measure the amount of sales volume gained, and then be able to adjust their attempts. The successful hunter is committed to working on developing other sales skills to close the gap between atte

Increase Sales and Profits - Decipher The Prospect Code and Pattern

Enabling you to increase your sales and market share, to become an added value provider, and outpace your competition you must understand and decipherer the prospect code, and break their patterns. If you are intrigued that’s good. If you are ready to stop reading you will miss the opportunity. You will be out paced by your competition, and they will gain the market share you were hoping to capture. First here are 6 factors to always remember when dealing with your prospect. They have very specific business objective they want you achieve. They are focused on increasing their market share, and like you want to win business away from their competitors. They want to operate profitably. As they

12 Steps to Your Business Development Sales Success

There is something very unique about you that can make you stand out from your competition. It is something that will draw opportunity to you. It will help you increase your sales volume, profits, market share, and it will help you overcome all sales obstacles. You will be able to hit your quotas consistently, get business that is not only based on price and be able to accomplish your dreams. Have high dollar tolerance goals for yourself and your company. Raise the bar for yourself and hold yourself accountable to a higher standard. Hold everyone in your company accountable to a higher standard. Define the geographic area you will market and sell into. Build a model of your ideal prospect op

Top Sales Performer Secret 16

If You Are Working Off a Referrel If you are working off a referral your first prospect is the person referring you. You want to ask them enough of the correct questions to determine if what they are bringing you is a real business opportunity NOW. Or something else. The Key to Knowing if it is Real Opportunity It is important to know if you just being given a name to call because the referrer sees a commonality between you and the person they are referring you to. The key to knowing if it is real opportunity now is when the person referring you is able to…… Share a compelling reason the prospect has to justify your time (the issue that needs to be fixed). Refer you to be the ultimate decisi

7 Questions to Ask About Your 2015 Sales Tool Box

When you look back at 2015, ask yourself the following questions Do I still have deals that haven’t closed that are beyond my typical sales cycle length? Did the prospect have to have the proposal right away and now I am still waiting for a decision? Have I left meetings, followed up, and did not get return calls from the prospect? Is it possible I have been wasting time with the wrong leads? Did a referral source give me a lead that wasn’t anything but a new contact? Did I put time into a referral only to find out it won’t materialize for two to three years? Do you want to increase your close ratio, shorten your sales cycle and make more money? Your 2016 Sales Tool Box I am going to give yo

The 7 Keys to a Successful Outcome

7 Keys to a Successful Outcome Desire- A strong desire to succeed is the fuel for all we do. Commitment- Being committed means doing what we say we are going to do even when it is difficult Positive Outlook- Knowing deep inside you will be successful. Action- Doing what needs to be done? Internal Language- Not listening to the internal self-defeating language. Timing-Timing is having a plan and working the plan. Self Confidence- Believing in yoursself and knowing that no matter what the obstacle you are in control.

Top Sales Performers Sales Secret #45 A High Sense of Urgency

Top Sales Performers Have Top Sales Performers have a High Sense of Urgency and want to achieve high quality and how to increase their results in the shortest period of time. What They Do Top Sales Performers set sales performance and market share goals for each month. They challenge themselves to hit their sales quotas and have high conversion rates. What They Know By being in front of more savvy buyers they know they will achieve their success. But there is more. The real Secret of their success is by working on High Return on Investment Events and don’t engage in time management. Their Goal They want to reduce their prospecting time and get in front of decision makers they know will buy f

Sales Secret #7

Top Sales Performer Secret #7: Pros take charge of the sales call and follow a clearly defined, scientific process. That’s how they qualify the right prospects and close more sales in less time. In networking environments they know the first prospect they encounter is the person referring them to a potential prospect. Top Sales Performers want to know The prospect they are being referred to has a real issue that needs fixing Is aware they will be receiving a call from the person being referred to them Is willing to speak with, and meet with them

Dis-spell These 3 Myths and Apply The 6 Rules of Networking

To Be More Successful at Networking You Must Re-think These Three Myths. Myth 1 Networking events are a great place to sell- Some people do feel that way. It is really a place to build relationships. People buy from people they know, trust and can help solve their problems. The more people connect on many levels the greater the chances of finding a prospect, a referral source, a referral partner, a strategic relationship, Centers of Influence and Personal Introductions to people who need your products or services. Myth 2 Networking Events Are All the Same- There is some truth to that. While the event is important and the people in attendance are important it is the responsibility of the indi

How to Win More Business Through Personal Introductions and Referrals

There are unique moments in time when we are presented with rare opportunities that turn our lives around. It is times like these we need to make decisions and commit to a new course of action and turn hard times into outstanding successes. So here is the proposition. First, a Three Way is when the Ideal Prospect of your dreams is invited by your Center of Influence to join you and your influencer for a Ccoffee, lunch or other social setting. During the get together your Center of Influence sets the stage for you and your Ideal Prospect to learn about each other. You learn about each other’s values and principles and pave the way for your Ideal Prospect to invite you to a next meeting. At th

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