1. They have a strong desire to be successful in their carrers and in life

  2. They have a strong commitment to their success

  3. They have a positive outlook on life and see any type of adversity as an opportunity

  4. They have written goals which are tracked and monitored and when necessary revised

  5. Their written goals focus on their personal development, their relationships and their

    contributions to family, friends, clients and prospects

  6. They have a presidential mind set and access decision makers

  7. They book solid appointments

  8. They have a sense of detachment and are not influenced by their emotions

  9. They recognize the sales indicators and know when and how to close

  10. They recognize their service or product are separate from who they are and do not

    concern themselves about possible rejection

  11. They use their products or services to deliver solutions

  12. They see themselves as a driving force for change and take responsibility for their

    actions and results

  13. They maintain a positive point of view in all situations

  14. They work to be respected as a professional rather than being liked

  15. They recognize that discussing finances and money are a necessary part of the sales

    qualification and disqualification process

  16. They establish relationships based on trust and focused attention on the prospect’s


  17. They know what the prospect is willing to invest in solutions

  18. They are able to establish why the prospect would be willing to invest in a solution

  19. They have the necessary skills to prospect effectively and consistently

  20. They use their skills to qualify and disqualify potential sales opportunities

  21. They have an objective, measureable sales process designed to qualify and disqualify

  22. They are open to being coached and mentored

  23. They keeping raising the bar and continuously look to improve themselves

  24. They maintain a healthy pipeline of sales opportunities

  25. They have a detailed description of their ideal prospect

  26. They are able to segregate their prospects pool into cold, warm and hot based on

    specific criteria

  27. They join appropriate networking groups, chambers, trade associations and committees

  28. They put their customers and prospects success above their own

  29. They know their success is based on the success of those they serve

  30. They recommend solutions to the issues their customers and prospects have and give value for their fees

  31. They cross sell and up sell

  32. They service their customers and have a high retention level

  33. They recognize when prospects put up objections they deal with them

  34. They attend networking events

  35. They have a prospecting tool box and use a variety of prospecting strategies

  36. They obtain personal introductions

  37. They quote appropriately

  38. They book solid appointments and do not call to confirm

  39. They abide with the rule that if the prospect has not shared specific information they will not make any assumptions about anything

  40. They cultivate strong relationships

  41. They use technology to maintain good records

  42. They have healthy buying styles and buy based on quality rather than price

  43. They are willing to walk away from a disqualified prospect and will not make it into something it is not

  44. They ask questions to gather information that is used to measure the opportunity against their ideal prospect model

  45. Their questions go deep and uncover necessary information to qualify or disqualify

  46. They participate in activities that support their goals and objectives

  47. They are extremely motivated

  48. They do not focus on negativity or engage in negative energy draining conversations

  49. They surround themselves with people that support their values and principles

  50. They know their competition