18-Common Mistakes Sales People Make

1-They believe everyone is a prospect.¨

2-They say what they do and not how they solve issues. ¨

3-The elevator speech is too wordy.¨

4-Their prospecting activity is less than consistent.¨

5-They do not take proper notes or maintain a CRM program.¨

6-Too many opportunities that are not qualified properly.¨

7-Do too much talking and not enough of asking questions.¨

8-Their prospecting activity isn’t well organized.¨

9-They get too distracted with non-essential activities.¨

10-They start their day too late and end too early.¨

11-Do not keep track of the data necessary for future sales forecasting.¨

12-They sell a product instead of a solution.¨

13-Don’t know how to sell value.¨

14-Drop their prices and turn themselves into a commodity.¨

15-Do not know how to measure a prospect objectively.¨

16- Follow up too much on the wrong stuff.¨

17- Educate gatekeepers.¨

18- Leave wordy messages for their prospects.¨