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What You Know About Sales May Not Be Enough for Sales Success


I am coaching my son’s baseball team. At the first practice I had the boys at home plate and had them do thebaseball player following exercise.

Exercise: #1 Boys pretend you have looked at four pitches that were all balls and I say, “Take your base, run to first.” Each boy ran to first base as if they had all day to do it.

Exercise: #2 The second part of the exercise was to run to first base when I said, “You have a base hit.” Each boy ran fast with greater enthusiasm.

When I got the eleven boys together and asked why they ran slowly on a walk and faster on a base hit, I was told, on the walk they know they had the base so they didn’t have to run fast. On a hit they had to run fast because they might get caught out.

I explained the importance of running fast on a walk so the boys could potentially steal second. Two boys spoke and said, “We already know that.”  To which I replied, “You may know it but you did not execute a fast run on the walk.”

So here is the sales implication.

When I make recommendations to business professionals in a business meeting on how they could increase their market share and market penetration, increase their sales volume, or move from being a commodity to a value added provider, I often hear the same thing. “Oh, we know that and to which I reply yet you are not doing it.”

Business people often know what to do and when the occasion arises, they don’t do it. Knowing and executing are not the same.

Get Your Top Performer’s 10 Point Check List Now:check list

You Determine if You are Executing These on a Regular Basis.

  1. Allocating time to work at your business and not just in your business.
  2. Working on your marketing plan.
  3. Your processes and systems support growing your sales volume and profits.
  4. Prior to a business development or marketing meeting all attendees have an agenda in advance and are prepared to participate in the meeting.
  5. When starting a business development meeting you start on time, and stick to the agenda.
  6. When leaving a meeting, there are specific action plans assigned to team members with accomplishment due dates.
  7. You are making the most of the latest technology to support sales growth and performance.
  8. You have defined a well-defined sales and business development process.
  9. Prospect consistently.
  10.  Qualify and disqualify.




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