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How to Get More Out of Each Day and Produce Greater Sales Results


If You Are Practicing Time Management You Are Barking Up The Wrong Tree.Dog barking up the wrong tree

Let’s look at 8 Concepts About Time and then The Secret Formula for Producing Greater Sales Results.

  1. You can’t tell time what to do.time management
  2. You can’t bring back yesterday.
  3. You can’t manufacture more time.
  4. There is only now all the time.
  5. Even when you look into tomorrow and you get there your still in the right now.
  6. Stop trying to manage time because you can’t.
  7. Physically we live in the present moment, all the time.
  8. Mentally, and emotionally you can think about yesterday, worry about tomorrow, or use right now to build sales success.

The 13 Secrets- Using Time for Sales Success

  1. Construct the perfect day and build it into 80% of the day.
  2. When the unexpected occurs put the unexpected in the remaining 20% and stay on course.
  3. Construct the day based on what you can do, because you can control that.
  4. Decide how many prospect and customer calls, or visits to make each day and prospect consistently.
  5. When geographically possible use the phone to set up prospect meetings and customer appointments.
  6. Track your progress.
  7. Maintain a positive attitude, because you can see you are making progress.
  8. Plan tomorrow at the end of the day, or repeat the same formula each day.
  9. If you have administrative work, do it after you have completed your selling activity.
  10. Don’t buy into incorrect beliefs, like you are affected by the economy. (Link here to old blog on not affected by the economy).
  11. Qualify and Disqualify potential opportunities.
  12. Attend targeted networking events and follow up with a note or e-mail.
  13. Never have lunch alone, have it with a customer or prospect.

If you look at this partial list above you can see it is not about managing time. It is about selecting the correct sales activities to participate in to produce sales result.

You can’t manage time but you can manage sales activities which will produce:

  1. Sales volumemoney
  2. Sales dollars
  3. Profit
  4. Market share
  5. Market penetration


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