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How to Qualify a Business & Sales Opportunity in Two Easy Steps


Most potential prospects come from a pool of people & companies which I refer to as suspects.SUSPECT

Suspects in the sense, I suspect because of their industry type could use my product/services if they had a compelling reason to buy.

As the intensity to buy increases the suspect moves from suspect to cold, to warm, to hot prospect and then closed. These prospects can contribute to sales volume, profits and gaining market share.

The suspects in the sales pipeline are measured based on the following criteria:

Cold Prospect –The prospect is saying, “I am thinking about using your product/service.”

Warm Prospect- The prospect is saying “I want to use your product/service.”

Hot Prospect-The prospect is saying “I must have your product/service.”HOT

To measure the quality of the prospect the two questions to ask are:

Question # 1-When thinking about my type of product/service weather you use me or someone else, is it something you are thinking about, want to, or must use?

Note: When you get an answer to the above the next question to ask is…

Question # 2-Why and why now. This will get you to the compelling reason and the intensity the prospect has for buying.


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