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Should Sales Quotas Be Raised?


I received a call from John. I could tell by the tone of his voice he was upset about something. Thequota raised conversation went like this.

“Al I am really upset with my company. They are never satisfied. No matter what I do it is never enough.”

I replied, “John, slow down you sound like you are going to have a heart attack!”  

“Yeh, they are raising my sales quota again this year. Every time I hit it they raise it again. I am getting tired of this.”

Here is what John missed:

Sales people sometimes get upset when quotas are raised. This is an indication of a weak sales person. A strong sales person knows they need and want to hit sales quotas.

Stronger sales people working on commission are not necessarily driven by the company quota but their own quota which is usually higher than the companies.

These stronger sales people are not upset when sales quotas are raised because they are driven by the quality of life they want to create for themselves and their loved ones.

They know the more they sell the more they earn and the better the quality of life they have.

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50 Characteristics of Top Sales Performers


As we move toward the end of the year it is a good time to look at our successes and failures. If you have been in a sales rut or not hitting your quota.

Sales rut,missed quota

You may want to measure yourself against some of the characteristics of Top Performers. The list below represents some of the more common characteristics of Top Performers. See how you measure up. If you are not doing some of them it is time to put a plan in place for 2012.Top Sales Performer

  1. Strong desire to be successful
  2. Committed no matter what
  3. Has a positive outlook in the face of adversity
  4. Have personal goals in writing that are tracked and monitored
  5. Prospects consistently
  6. Gets to the decision maker
  7. Gets appointments
  8. Is rejection proof?
  9. Is in control of emotions
  10. Attempts to close
  11. Upholds margins
  12. Takes responsibility
  13. Has a positive attitude
  14. Doesn’t need approval
  15. Comfortable talking about money
  16. Has a supportive buying cycle
  17. Bonds early in the sales process
  18. Discovers buyers budgets
  19. Discovers why prospects buy
  20. Discovers how prospects buysales success
  21. Have strong hunter skills
  22. Have strong qualifying skill
  23. Has a strong sales process
  24. Is open to coaching
  25. Recognizes that there is always room for improvement of sales skills and sales strengths
  26. Maintains a full pipeline
  27. Has a good model to measure prospect against
  28. Has set criteria for cold, warm and hot prospects
  29. Joins trade associations and participates on committees
  30. Is committed to prospects and customers success
  31. Provides solutions to customers and prospects while maintaining profitability
  32. Cross sells and up sells
  33. Has high retention levels
  34. Doesn’t accept put offs
  35. Attends networking events
  36. Prospects by phone or walk-ins
  37. Gets referrals
  38. Doesn’t quote inappropriately
  39. Schedules appointments that are not broken
  40. Doesn’t make assumptions
  41. Quickly develops and maintain relationships
  42. Keeps good records in a contact manager
  43. Has a high dollar tolerance
  44. Recognizes a non opportunity and is willing to walk away
  45. Asks good questions
  46. Knows how to handle people
  47. Has a presidential mentalitysales success
  48. Manages time effectively
  49. Makes appropriate follow up calls
  50. Is highly motivated.


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