What Prospects Will Never Tell You

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Personal success supports and reinforces professional success. Professional success reinforces personal success. And together, they reinforce life’s most important pursuit happiness.

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Top sales people don’t waste their time trying to sell to gatekeepers. They know how to get directly to the decision makers. How can you put this strategy to work for you?

Daily Motivation

Successful people know to produce positive results in their lives and careers, they must have a positive outlook. People with negative attitudes don’t produce positive results.


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Turrisi & Associates

Al Turrisi has over twenty-five years experience building sales forces in the corporate world. At his first company he grew annual sales from $2 million to $25 million over a period of only seven years. He founded Turrisi & Associates seventeen years ago, with the vision to help companies achieve high growth and profitability by developing superior strategies and hiring exceptional sales forces.

Total Sales Force Solutions!

Whether you need to..

  • Increase sales or decrease the cost of sales
  • Hire a sales executive or a sales manager
  • Recruit stronger sales or customer service staff
  • Implement a new sales and business development strategy
  • Improve your sales processes and systems
  • Incorporate sales tracking
  • Introduce sales and sales management training
  • Get coaching for key sales executives

20+ Years of Sales Force Development Experience

Al has the unique ability to see new solutions to complex problems. He is not limited by current practices or business obstacles. Al first gets to know a business at a deep level, and can clearly define the problems that others are unable to recognize. He aligns himself with the president to create strategic marketing approaches and brilliant out-of-the-box solutions to issues facing the company. He can then identify the right sales managers and salespeople who can execute this strategy with a clear understanding of the corporate vision.

  • Pipeline Management

    Increase sales or decrease the cost of sales

  • Recruiting

    Hire a sales executive or a sales manager

  • Strategy Development

    Implement a new sales and business development strategy

  • Sales Training

    Introduce sales and sales management training

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Testimonials From Our Clients

Since starting to work with you, I have become more organized, focused, effective, and efficient.  You have shown me the difference between activity and fruitful action. Everything I do now is for a reason and I constantly ask myself,“What is the most productive use of my time right now?”

Dr. Juan C. GranaPresident, Work-Safe Enterprises

There is many things I think I could put under your unique ability. You’ve been a friend and a confidant for many years and have helped me grow my business immensely. If I was to point out one major talent that has helped me, it’s your ability to understand what I’m trying to work through (and it can be either a sales situation or something personal), listen, let me describe the situation and then help me work through a way to improve and solve it

Brian IrvingBrybeck Associates

Your sales training seminar earlier today was excellent in all ways. The ideas came through, the information was well delivered, you spoke to the veterans and first timers with equal inspiration, and the venue was perfect, down to the food and prizes.

Steven LauterbackMarketing Consulting Services

Al Turrisi is a man if great honor and integrity. I have enjoyed a business relationship and friendship with him since 2001. His ideas are creative and state of the art. Al is a leader and motivator like no other.

Barry FarbsteinPresident, Premier Office Supply

Hi Al,

Just wanted to let you know that I’ve been using the phone technique that we discussed at our last meeting. I’ve been able to set up 3 appointments so far.

Best regards,


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